Thursday, 15 January 2009


Are you in the need for cheering up?  Have you got the winter blues?  Well how about this for an idea which was started by Vicky over at  All you need to do is the following:-

1) It needs to be sent to a blogging friend who is down and needs cheering up.

2) The package needs to contain items to make a card i.e backing papers, flowers, ribbon, a cropped mounted image, anything you like etc.

3) The person then makes a card using this and sends it with a similar package to one of their friends who is feeling down etc.

4) Add a picture of the card to you blog once its made.

I will limit mine to the first 6 people who make a comment on this then I will close this post on the 19th January and arrange for their details to be sent to me.

Jayne xx

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