Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I have had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend but its been very quiet!  Seren went away with her daddy to Barmouth and won't be back until Sunday.  It's always nice to have a break but after the two days she is normally away I feel so alone!!  Will be glad to be back at work Wednesday as hopefully the days will go by quicker as they seem to be dragging lol!  

Friday night I went for a lovely curry and a few drinks around Newport, Shropshire and spent  Bank Holiday Monday in the pub with a friend for a lovely meal and drink which I haven't done before on a Bank Holiday Monday and really enjoyed it as it did take my mind off Seren not being here.  

Also totally lost my mojo recently hence why there has been only my DT cards on my blog.  Just cant get motivated at the moment.  Think also its because my craft room has most of my clothes in bags in there as I am in the process of awaiting new bedroom furniture and only have my old bed in the bedroom.  Should be next week that it all arrives though :-)  Hopefully once I get my clothes moved out I can maybe get back to entering some challenges.


Claire said...

Know how you feel Jayne, my two were away for 2 weeks with their Dad, Matt is nearly 17 and lives with his Dad, but Megs is with me, so like you say although the break is nice, it can get to you after a while. It was nice to have them back at the weekend and she had really missed me and I got a huge hug on arrival. Hope you get your bedroom sorted quickly too and your mojo returns. Hugs, Claire x

My name is Wynneth said...

Aw Jayne, wish I was near enough to give you a big HUG :o) I'm sure you are feeling a little better now you're back at work, as you say it will take your mind off missing Seren. I am at my Dad's today, we took him to Essex for the BH to see my son then we are calling in to see daughter and grandsons on the way home today. We only ever see them if we go to visit as they never bother to come to see us !!!! Hope your Mojo comes home soon Sweetie


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