Monday, 3 November 2014


I'm sorry not been around for a very long time.  I just haven't been in the crafting frame of mind as of late.  I've tried to enjoy being in my craft room but just can't find any motivation.  I'm going to maybe start looking at doing die cut imaged creations as I'm finding my colouring isn't very good compared to all the other talented ladies out there.  

So just thought I'd do an update for now with events this year.  Seren finished year 4 at first school back in July.  Then in September she started middle school which has made Seren seem grown up all of a sudden.

I did a stall at my second ever craft fair selling my homemade cupcakes as my friend I shared the stall with had made cards, advent boxes, bread pudding, cookies and toffee.  We had a very successful day.  Be a while till we decide to do another one though I think.  I usually make cupcakes for my moms Chapel when they have a mini market every 3 months.  My friend is the one who has got me thinking more of die cutting as she does them herself.

I will post some of my die cut cards but as yet I don't know of any challenge blogs for die cutting as really new to it so if you know of any that would be a great help.

Anyway thats it for now but I will be back very soon 

Jayne xxxxx

p.s its been that long since I have posted on here I have lost my signature lol

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My name is Wynneth said...

Nice to see you posting again Jayne. I know what you mean about losing your inspiration, I'm struggling a bit at the moment myself.

Good luck with the die cutting adventure, looking forward to seeing your creations.



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